Low Rate Visa Credit Card  Rewards VISA



  • No Balance Transfer Fee
  • No Cash Advance Fee
  • FIXED Rates as low as 7.90%*
  • Or Earn Rewards with the Rewards Card
  • Credit Lines starting at $500
  • No Annual Fee
  • Several convenient payment options
  • Already have a card? Apply for a credit limit increase!
  • Digital Wallet


Rates & Fees

Visa Credit Card Disclosure
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for Purchases, Cash Advance and Balance Transfer

Low Rate VISA®    7.90% - 13.90%

Rewards VISA®   9.90% - 13.90%

Grace Period for Purchases 25 Days
Estimated Payment 2% of Balance ($20 minimum)
Annual Fee None
Minimum Finance Charge None
Transaction Fee for Purchases  None
Foreign Transaction Fee Single Currency - 0.80%*
Multiple Currencies - 1.00%*
Late Payment Fee $25.00 **
Cash Advance Fee None
Return Check Fee $25

* of transaction amount.
** if ten (10) or more days late.



Low Rate Card Rewards Card Secured
Rates as low as 7.90% Rates as low as 9.90% Fixed Rate 14.90%
Credit Lines starting at $500 Credit Lines starting at $500 $500 - $1,000 Credit Limits
No Cash Advance Fee No Cash Advance Fee Build or repair credit
No Annual Fee  No Annual Fee  No Cash Advance Fee
No Balance Transfer Fee No Balance Transfer Fee No Annual Fee
  1 point for every $2 purchased Secured with your own funds to build your credit
  Redeem rewards for cash, travel, gift cards and merchandise  



Are there any fees on the Low Rate Visa or Rewards Visa?
There are no monthly or annual fees on our Low Rate Visa or our Rewards Visa. However, if your payments are not made on time, you may be subject to a late fee. Please refer to the Visa Agreement and Disclosure and Rate Schedule for additional details.
When does interest accrue?
Interest will not be charged on purchases if you pay your entire balance by the due date each month. Balance transfers, convenience checks and cash advances will begin to accrue interest on the transaction date.
Is there a grace period from my due date?
You have 10 days after your due date to make your payment before a late fee is applied.
How do I conduct a balance transfer?
You may request a balance transfer in Online Access under Services or by visiting your local branch.
How do I order convenience checks for my credit card?
You can request convenience checks in Online Access under Help Center/Make an Inquiry or by contacting us at 855-340-8767.
Is there anything I should know before traveling with my Low Rate Visa?
Before you travel, contact us at 520-381-3100 to let us know the dates and location of your trip.
What number do I call to activate my card?
To activate your Visa Credit Card please call 855-340-8767.
What number do I call to cancel my card if it’s lost/stolen?
To report a lost or stolen credit card please call 855-340-8767.
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