• Monitor and track employee cards with CardValet
  • Use to Withdraw Cash or Access your Account
  • Safer than cash and easier than checks
  • Instant Issue Cards Available *
  • 24-Hour Access to your money
  • Fraud Protection & Monitoring


Rates & Fees

  • Card Replacement Fee $7.00/Card
  • Custom Image Card Replacement $7.00/Card
  • ATM Withdrawals in Excess of Eight (8) $1.00/Transaction
  • Pin Change $3.00
  • Overdraft Privilege/Non-Sufficient Funds Fee $30.00/Item
*Instant Issue Cards Available in Casa Grande & Florence Branches Only



When will I receive my Commercial debit card?
You may receive your Visa debit card instantly in the Casa Grande or Florence branch. If you open your account in any of our other branch locations you should receive it within a week. If you open your account online, you will receive your Visa debit card within 7-10 business days via mail.

Can my Commercial Debit Card Use Card Valet?
Yes, Card Valet is free to register any Pinal County FCU Debit or Credit Card.
How can I change my PIN Number?
You may change your PIN number by visiting any of our branch locations or by calling 800-992-3808.
Will my card work internationally?
Give us a call at 520-381-3100 to verify your card is authorized for international usage.
What number do I call to activate my card?
To activate your Visa Debit Card please call 800-992-3808.
What number do I call to cancel my card if it’s lost/stolen?
To report your card as lost or stolen please call 800-472-3272.
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