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If you live, work, worship or
attend school in Pinal County

you can join!
Protect and manage your Pinal County FCU Visa Credit and Debit card. 
CardValet Video
CardValet is an app that helps you protect and manage your Pinal County FCU credit and debit card by giving you the control of how, when and where your card is used. With CardValet, you can easily and conveniently manage controls and alerts through your mobile device.

With CardValet you can:

  • Turn your card “on” and “off.”
  • Stick to a budget by setting a spending limit on your card.
  • Set up where exactly your card can be used by either a specific location or merchant type. Such as department store, gas station, grocery store, etc.
  • Review balances and transactions.
  • See your Aggregate Monthly spending total – this will display the cumulative spending amount on your card for the current month.

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Download CardValet today:
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